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Syntech Packaging Products Pouches

Syntech NZ Ltd specialise in the supply of printed pouches. We can supply as few as ONE fully printed pouch, to as many as you can imagine.


The perfect solution for new products or flavours; for that Christmas or Father’s Day promotion; or even a new start-up business.
Syntech offer a specialist service whereby we can transform your art design into a finished, fully printed pouch, with:


If you have 7 designs and need 150 of each (or 75 of one, 130 of another and so on) in a fully printed pouch with a zip, we will work with you to get these to you as quickly as possible, at an extremely high standard. Your product will be on display before you know it.

Talk to us about your product and ideas - we will find a solution to fit your needs.


For that 'more established' product with finalised designs, larger runs are a more practical & economical way to produce your printed pouches.

From confectionery, snack foods, dairy foods, refrigerated or frozen foods, pet foods & treats, coffees, microwaveable & ‘cook-in the bag’ foods to kitchen dry goods, beverages or chemicals -  a solution is available for you.

Syntech Packaging Products Lidding Films

Lidding Films
Syntech offers one of the most diverse ranges of lidding films available in New Zealand for food and non-food products, requiring barrier or non-barrier packaging. We provide solutions to barrier issues, sealing difficulties, bespoke breathability, resealable & retort options and so on. Designed to suit your specific requirements, we have a range of lidding films ideally suited for all types of trays and tubs. Our lidding film features include:

• Direct sealing to silicone coated trays
• High Barrier Protection
• Printing
• A range of perforation options
• Weld and Peel Seal
• Superior puncture resistance
• Suitable for Freezer, Chilled or Ambient
• Suitable for Microwave or Convection ovens
• Retort Applications
• Anti-fog

Much of our film is available ex-stock.

Syntech Packaging Products Printed Film

Printed Film / Roll Stock

• Lidding film
• Form fill and seal film
• Flow wrap film
• Labels
• Shrink sleeves

We provide a wide range of material structures from mono layer to multi layer co-extruded film and complex laminated film to suit most requirements.


Like our Small run print service in pouches, we offer the same unique product in film.

Low volume. High variety. Personalised.

We can print very small runs of a variety of films, with no individual set up costs and a very quick lead time.

Whether you are trialling a new product, or launching a limited range of goods – if you need it printed we can help.


To complement our small runs, we also offer large production runs.

Talk to us about your printed film or pouch requirements

Syntech Packaging Products Forming Films

Semi-Rigid / Rigid Bottom Web
All of Syntech NZ Limited’s forming films are FDA compliant.


With an important focus on 'tomorrow', Syntech are proud to provide the local NZ market with 100% rPET (Recycle code 1). Commonly used in items such as fruit punnets, meat & bakery trays within the food industry and in industrial forming applications. Locally & globally recycled.


Widely used for the production of yoghurt and dairy food containers. (Recycle code 6).

PP (Polypropylene)

Suitable for food packaging for microwave reheat or cooking and for freezer applications. (Recycle code 5).


For MAP and CAP applications where gas barrier is required for assisting with extending the shelf- life of food products such as pasta, meat and fish products. (Recycle code 7).


Pharmaceutical and industrial packaging applications. PVC when compared to all other oil based materials is the most sustainable plastic material in this category being made from less than 50% oil where all other oil based materials such as A-PET are virtually 100% oil based. PVC production waste is collected for recycling, thus continuing the material life cycle, (recycle code 3). Often Semi Rigid PVC (FDA compliant for food and pharmaceutical packaging) is confused with soft plasticised PVC, which is NOT suitable for food applications.

Flexible Bottom Web

We offer a range of co-extruded structures in 3/ 5/ 7 and 9 layers, suitable for form fill and seal thermoforming machinery. These structures provided as medium to high barrier, and are FDA compliant for food contact.

Typical applications include bacon, ham, small goods, fresh meat & other processed meats, cheese, fish, pasta.

New to our range is an OAB (Oxygen Absorbing Bottomweb). (Recycle code 7)

We consider all requirements of your product and offer the best solution for your machinery, product and desired shelf-life.

Syntech Packaging Products Shrink Film

SuperShrink ™

Syntech NZ supply high quality, environmentally friendly Shrink film for all your semi and automatic heat shrink packing machines. We have a range of films suitable for different applications including low temperature, heat slip (when products require quick packing and shrinking, and thus adhesion can become an issue), high speed packing (high transparency and statically bonding sealing function).

Designed to prevent product surfaces from dust and odours, is moisture-proof, and can effectively protect a packaged object. Compared with a PVC shrinkable film, it has better shrinking at the same temperature and can realise perfect shrinking at a temperature of 120deg C (reducing power costs).

The product is produced in accordance with American quality test standard and SGS relevant test standards.

contact us about your packaging needs.