Evolution in Packaging

Shrink Film

Syntech NZ supply high quality, environmentally friendly Shrink film for all your semi and automatic heat shrink packing machines. We have a range of films suitable for different applications including low temperature, heat slip (when products require quick packing and shrinking, and thus adhesion can become an issue), high speed packing (high transparency and statically bonding sealing function).

Designed to prevent product surfaces from dust and odours, is moisture-proof, and can effectively protect a packaged object.

vacuum packed meat using shrink film

Compared with a PVC shrinkable film, it has better shrinking at the same temperature and can realise perfect shrinking at a temperature of 90-95˚C (reducing power costs).

  • 5-layer, co-extruded POF

  • High performance

  • Soft, low temperature

  • Low shrinking force, high shrinking factor (about 70% for soft)

  • Suitable for regular and irregular objects/shapes

  • Suitable for heat sensitive products

  • Ultra-high shrink speed

  • High sealing intensity

  • High tear strength

  • High hot slip performance

  • Can be subjected to static sealing - more stable and a 'cleaner' appearance

  • High transparency

  • Low specific gravity

  • Economical

  • Superior barrier to 3-layer films

  • Trans-directional shrinking

  • Durable, stable, balanced

  • Firm seals

  • Soft, small corners

  • Cold resistant

  • Insusceptible to embrittlement

  • Free for toxicity and peculiar odours


The product is produced in accordance with American quality test standard and SGS relevant test standards.

For further information please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.