Evolution in Packaging

Forming Films

Semi Rigid / Rigid

PVC (Polyvinylchloride)

PVC 0.15mm ~ 0.75mm thick FDA compliant for food, pharmaceutical and industrial packaging applications. PVC provides good WVTR and OTR properties and can be used in MAP or CAP applications. PVC when compared to all other oil based materials is the most sustainable plastic material in this category being made from less thatn 50% oil where all other oil based materials such as A-PET are virtually 100% oil based. PVC production waste is collected for recycling, thus continuing the material life cycle, recycle category 3 of the plastics recycling guide. Too often consumer groups confuse Semi Rigid PVC which is FDA compliant for food and pharmaceutical packaging with soft plasticised PVC, vinyl which is NOT suitable for food applications.

PVC/PE or PVC/EVOH/PE Widely used for MAP and CAP applications where gas barrier is required for assisting with extending the shelf- life of food products such as pasta, meat and fish products. Recycle category 7 of the plastics recycling guide.

PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) A-PET typically used for food and industrial forming applications and are FDA compliant for food contact. R-PET as with A-PET with the “R” signifying some component of recycle included. C-PET used in the manufacture of high temperature 200°C cook in meal trays G-PET suitable for forming, this is an easy formed material suitable for food and some pharmaceutical applications, offering high clarity and quality. Recycle category 1 of the plastics recycling guide.

HIPS (Hi Impact Polystyrene) Widely used for the production of yoghurt and dairy food containers and is food compliant for food contact applications. HIPS is a versatile material that can be used for a wide range of packaging. Poor barrier for WVTR and OTR. Recycle category 6 of the plastics recycling guide.

PP (Polypropylene) Suitable for food packaging and with the correct grade can be used for ready meals for microwave reheat or cooking and when specified for freezer applications. Compliant to FDA requirements for food contact. More difficult to form than most materials and clear material is slightly opaque. Recycle category 5 of the plastics recycling guide.



crackers in plastic container


roll of forming film

Flexible Bottom Web

We offer a range of co-extruded structures in 3/ 5/ 7 and 9 layers, suitable for form fill and seal thermoforming machinery. These structures provided as medium to high barrier, all FDA compliant for food contact. Typical applications include bacon, ham, small goods fresh meat, cheese, fish products and other processed meats. Recycle category 7 of the plastics recycling guide.

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