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    On 29/7/2019

    The retail food market demands high-quality packaging solutions that balance premium presentation with shelf-life extension and endeavour to meet the consumers concern over responsible use of packaging materials. 

    The first consideration must be that the packaging system is fit for purpose, so that food is not wasted by early spoilage, and the sustainability of the packaging material is an issue to be considered separately.

    Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP) is a well-established method of packing processed meat, fresh meat, cheese, fish and processed food items because the “second skin” format puts more product on display with less excess visible packaging.

    VSP is a good choice:

    VSP high barrier films provide excellent shelf life for food products, given the manufacturer follows good practice with temperature and hygiene control

    *The skin tight film finish controls purge from all meat products so the product displays at its best throughout its life cycle

    *The excellent transparency and optics display the food to the greatest effect

    *The high puncture resistance and strength of the finished pack reduces leakers and pack failures

    *The customised peel properties of the top web allows for consumer friendly easy opening of the pack

    *The Syntech VSP webs are designed to be applied at lower temperatures to avoid product surface discoloration or damage

    *Syntech provides a 100% recyclable bottom web that can be disposed of under category 1 recycling, that being the same waste stream as used for soft drink bottles.

    *All materials are FDA compliant for direct food contact

    Syntech films can run on all the industry standard machines in the VSP category and we offer two levels of tray sealers to suit different scales of production.